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10451 McKay Road Thornton, CO 80233


The site location is open daily starting in late September & goes through the end of October.  The site is open weather & field conditions permitting. The corn maze & pumpkin field are open as follows:

Crazed Corn Maze

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday 9:00AM - 6:00 PM
Last maze ticket sold at 5:00 PM. Activities begin to close at 5:00 PM.


Monday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday - Sunday 10:00 AM - Sundown




E-mail: Call: 720-408-0006



Can I damage the corn field?

YES! YES! We ask that you stay on the designated path ways. Please do not RUN or cut in between the corn stalks this can damage the cornstalks for the season. We only get to grow the corn field one time per season, and it has to survive all the people before and after you, along with the weather… So we ask that you follow the rules to preserve the cor

What is one admission ticket good for?

Each person that purchases a ticket/admission to the corn field maze will have entry to the maze. The trip is for as long as it that takes you to complete the maze. Once you exit the MAZE & return to the tent, the admission is expired.

How long does it take to go through the maze?

The maze is about 20+ acres and takes a minimum of 40 minutes of brisk walking to complete if you knew your way through the correct pathways. It really depends all on you!

When are you open?

Please check the calendar as the corn maze and the pumpkin field have different hours. The Crazed Corn Maze always closes at 5:15 PM. The pumpkin field and attractions will vary. We open usually for the season in late September and are open through October 31st. But dates and times are all subject to change, and we are open weather and field conditions permitting.

Are there Refunds or Exchanges?

No, sorry there are not refunds or exchanges. All sales are final on all tickets, tokens, products, and rides.

Can my kids go through the maze by themselves? / Will you send someone to find me?

We do not recommend that children go through the Crazed Corn Maze by themselves. Once you are out there we ask that you stick together because our staff does not send in a search party.

What about water?

We sell bottled water onsite. Remember we are in a farm field and we have no running water for drinking fountains or plumbing for bathrooms. You may bring water as needed.

Closures & field conditions?

We are an outdoor event located on a dirt field. Due to this weather may cause wet or muddy conditions. Visitors may enter at their own risk. While we never want to close during the season, if wet or muddy conditions create an unsafe environment, we will close for the necessary amount of time in order to create safe conditions. If you are traveling to see us, please get the weather/field condition update on our home page or Facebook page.

Are there discounts or coupons?

We run various ads, flyers or deals in print publications. Each coupon has its restrictions so please read it carefully.

Senior discounts?

Yes, we offer a discounted Crazed Corn Maze ticket for seniors 55+ every Tuesday.

What about strollers in the maze?

Strollers are welcome, but just remember that the terrain can be rough & muddy.

Payment options?

We accept cash & credit card. Sorry, no checks are accepted.

Is there Parking?

FREE parking is available onsite. We are in a dirt field so conditions may be muddy. Please enter at your own risk.

Can I pick the corn and can I eat the corn?

No. Do not pick the corn. It can damage the stalks and you wouldn’t want to eat it anyway. This type of corn is feed corn for cattle & other livestock. We do not want anyone to be hurt, so no throwing of the corn is permitted!

Is there a game to play in the maze?

Yes, there is a smart phone trivia/check point game in the maze. If you are planning on bringing a group, you can even customize your own questions prior to arrival.

Is the maze the same every year?

No, the maze would be very difficult to make the same every year. We like to design something unique & different every year!

When do you stop selling tickets?

The last daytime Crazed Corn Maze ticket is sold at approx. 5:15 pm because we close the large maze at 6:00 pm.

Is there a map for the maze?

Yes, there is typically a map at our ticket counter, but no you will not receive a map to guide your way through the maze.

Can I bring my Dog?

You can bring your dog to the field as long as they remain on a leash.

What about restrooms?

The field has several portable toilets onsite that everyone has access too. We ask that you use the restroom before you enter the maze.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes we offer group rates. Please visit our groups page for details.

Do you do donations?

Yes, we are happy to donate to various organizations in the area, but this is largely crop dependent. As a local grower, it costs us money & resources to grow, produce and run our operation so all donations are pre-selected early in the year. We cannot donate to everyone, but if you would like to be considered please send your request to no later than October 1st.

Do you do hayrides?

Hayrides are season dependent. They will not be available for the 2017 season.

What about the other attractions?

On the weekends we have additional attractions, such as the jumping castle, air slide, wacky world obstacle course, pony rides, petting zoo, sand art and more available. Attractions are operating weather permitting. They are all subject to cancel or change at any time.

Is the maze handicap accessible?

Yes, for the most part the fields are handicap accessible. However, we are located outside, so pathways and areas could be muddy or somewhat difficult to go through!

What about Smoking & Alchohol?

ABSOLUTELY NO smoking is permitted onsite. Smoking areas are available outside the site. No outside alcohol is permitted onsite.